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WA Police Firearms Licensing


This information is NOT legal advice, and is only provided as a guide. If you require case specific information please contact Police Firearms Licensing Branch on 1300 171 011.


Firstly, before applying for a gun licence, you need to know some basic background information about the Western Australian firearms licencing process. Applying for a firearms licence is time consuming and requires you to gain a standard of knowledge and competance to be safe with a firearm and keep on the right side of the law. In most cases you will be required to purchase a gun cabinet for the safe storage of your firearm. There are seven types of firearms licence that you can apply for in Western Australia. Each type of licence is for a different purpose. (See below.)


If you are applying for your first firearm, you will need to apply for an "Original Firearms Licence". You will also need to know which firearms you intend to licence. A WA firearms licence only grants you the right to possess a particular firearm identified by its make, model, calibre, type and serial number.  It can be more economical to licence a number of firearms with your original firearms application. This will reduce the added expense of multiple firearms applications and the significant fees which are charged.


Below we have a table showing the eight different types of rifle that are used to determine your firearm type under Western Australian law. Firearms are also placed into specific licensing Categories. The makeup of these firearm categories vary from state to state in Australia.


Firearms laws are NOT uniform across Australian states. A rifle that is legal in Queensland may well be illegal to own in Western Australia. Certain types of firearms can be deemed unsuitable for licensing by the Western Australian Police Commissioner. A firearm that is fully automatic, "looks scary" or looks like a "Military Firearm" may well be banned at the descretion of the Police Commissioner. 


It pays to have a good general knowledge of the Firearms Act & Regulations for the state in which you live. If you have a question regarding firearm law, you can phone the Police Firearms Branch Support line at the bottom of this page. There a several firearms licences that can be issued in W.A.  Each type of licence grants you permission to own and operate particular firearms under strick laws. You can view the categories of firearms used in Western Australia.



 Original Firearms Licence Application:

If you have never held a Firearms Licence previously, you will be applying for a ‘first time issue’ (Original) Firearms Licence. Categories A and B firearms can be submitted on one application. Categories C, H and E firearms applications are required to be submitted separately. Each application will incur a separate fee.


Proof of Identity:

With your printed copy of the Summary Document and the printed list of documents attend at a suitable Australia Post Outlet. You will need to supply supporting identification documents that have a value of at least 100 points. Download a copy of the documents that will assist you to reach 100 point proof of identification. You will also need to supply a suitable Passport sized photo. If you don't have a suitable photo, Australia Post can supply a photo service for this purpose. To lodge your application summary you must personally attend at a nominated Australia Post outletTo find your nearest Australia Post outlet that processes Firearms Licence Applications you can ring 131318.


Remember to take along Supporting documentation. The term “Supporting documentation” may include the following:

  • Property Letter/Primary Producer Advice
  • Club Support Letter
  • Occupational Requirement Disclosure
  • Identification Exemption Certificate
  • Proof of Property Ownership
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Registered Business Name


Supporting Documentation: "Genuine Need" to obtain a Firearms Permit or Licence.

When you apply for a firearms licence you will be required to provide proof of your "genuine reason" and "genuine need" to have a firearm permit or licence.The onus is on you to provide supporting documentation with your firearms application that supports your reasoning.

We have provided our readers with an invaluable source of information on WA test cases that explain in fine detail what is and what is not a genuine reason to be given a firearms licence. What constitutes a fit and proper person and what constitues a genuine reason in the eyes of the courts Used Guns Mart - WA Firearms Licensing Appleals.

The term genuine reason under Section 11A of the Firearms Act sets out what is accepted at a legislative level as to who or what is deemed to be considered to be a genuine reason. A person has a genuine reason for acquiring or possessing a firearm or ammunition only if:


  • It is for use by the person as a member of an approved shooting club and the person is an active and financial member of the club.
  • It is for use by the person as a member of an approved organisation.
  • It is for use in hunting or shooting of a recreational nature on land where the owner has specifically given permission for that purpose.
  • It is required by the person in the course of the person’s occupation.
  • It is to form of a genuine firearm collection or genuine ammunition collection.


Firearms Serviceability Certificate:Firearms Serviceability Certificate WA

Download a copy of the Guidelines Explanation Notes


A Firearm Serviceability Certificate is required for each firearm subject of an application, to ensure compliance with Sections 12 and 18(5) of the Firearms Act 1973 and Regulation 24 of the Firearms Regulations.

Certificates must be issued by participating Clubs/Associations or licensed firearm Dealers, Repairers or Manufacturers. 

Each certificate must be completed in its entirety and have a sequential number recorded in the space provided.

Acceptance of Certificates Serviceability Certificates will only be accepted by Australia Post if they are dated no more than three (3) months from the date of inspection. If for example this date expires or the applicant is unsuccessful, a new certificate is to be issued, inclusive of a new identifying number.

 It is preferrable to have the form completed and printed rather than completing the form by hand. Mistakes due to poor hand writing will delay your licence approval. 

Property Letter:

To satisfy the requirement to have a genuine need that is based on hunting or recreational shooting on private property, you will need to submit a signed  ( To save use Right Click + Save As) which give you permission to shoot on the particular property. The location and size of the property is necessary to judge the suitability of the property for shooting.


Medical History:

To obtain a gun licence you must declare your applicable medical history. You must declare anything that my affect the Police Commissioners decision to give you a firearms licence. Medical history and medications that may affect your ability to safely use & operate firearms. Your mental and psychological history must be disclosed if you suffer from depression, schizophrenia, psychotic episodes or suffered a head injuries that has affected your mood, temperament or a tendency towards, violent behaviour. A person must have a physical ability & mental faculties to operate a firearm safely. Example Grand Mal or Petite Mal Seizures.


Criminal History:

You must be a "fit and proper person" under the law to obtain a permit or licence under the Firearms Act & Regulations. You may well be denied a firearms licence if you have a criminal record. There may be some exceptions to this rule, depending on the nature and age of your conviction. You are required to disclose any domestic violence incidents especially if you have been the subject of a violence restraining order. ( You may need to seek legal advice before completing your application.)


Firearms Safety Awareness Certificate:

Firearms Safety Awareness Certificate


If your application is for a first time issue (original) Firearm Licence, you must complete a firearm safety awareness test. You must obtain a "Firearms Safety Awareness Certificate" to prove that you are capable of operating a firearm safely. . The test is designed to ensure you understand the basic requirements for the safe handling of firearms and is conducted through approved Clubs/Association and Firearms Dealers.

The Original Firearm Application once submitted is subject to a 28 day cooling off period, during which the application does not progress. This "mandatory 28 day cooling off period is your first hurdle in the licensing process. Failure to advise Licencing Services Firearms of your intentions to continue with your application within a further 28 days will result in your application deemed lapsed and it may be declined.

Before the 28 day waiting period expires, Licensing Services Firearms will mail you a letter requesting that you confirm your intention to proceed with your application and to fit an approved gun safe to store your firearm.


Guidelines to Obtaining a Firearm Awareness Certificate

The test consists of 20  multiple choice questions. You are required to get 100% correct to Pass. If you fail you need to re-sit the test. Don't expect to pass the first time.  you will be given no more than three opportunities to complete the assessment to pass. If you fail to pass the test on three occasions Licensing Services will be notified. Remember to include your Firearms Awareness Certificate with you licence Application Summary when you go to the Australia Post outlet. 


Study Information

Beaton Firearms has an excellent study page that highlights the more opaque questions in the current Firearms Awareness Test. (2019).

TRY THE SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS - Try 1 of 8 sample tests - 250 questions available here.


Gun Safes & Firearms Cabinets:

Gun Safe Installation

You will need to provide a Statutory Declaration and photographs to confirm that you have installed a gun safe that complies with design, construction and installation laws. (see Schedule 4 of the Firearms Regulations - Guns Safes 1974)  


Download a copy of the Statutory Declaration for Your Application 


The applicant will receive notification by mail, that your gun licence has been acceptance or refused. For a first time (original) Firearms Licence application, this written notification will also include a request for you to attend at an Australia Post office ( which has a “Photo Point”) to have your photograph taken for an Extract of Licence card. This card will be mailed to you at a later stage. If your Original Firearms Licence Application is refused, you will be forwarded a partial refund of the original payment and receive documentation detailing the reasons for this decision. What they don't tell you is that some of these decisions are subject to a review process which you may take to the State Administration Tribunal if you feel unjustly denied a firearms licence, type or calibre of firearm.  See Western Australian Firearms Laws & Decisions.


What are the specifications for a gun safe in Western Australia?  The specification are described in Schedule 4 of the Firearms Regulations 1994. Take a Look!


The Firearms in the Application Process

When you apply for a firearms licence, you must have a particular firearm selected for the application.The serial number, make, model and type of firearm are details required in the formal application. The Firearm that you are applying to licence in your name must have been inspected and a Serviceability Certificate must have been issued by a qualified person such as a firearms dealer, manufacturer, firearm repairer, gun club or association. The firearm Serviceability Certificate is required to prove that the firearm is safe and serviceable.


Can I Purchase a Firearm without a firearms licence?

Yes you can.  Download this "Private Purchase Firearm/s" Form (LSF10) (Right Click Save As) and apply for permission to purchase privately. You can purchase a firearm privately or through a gun shop or gun dealer Australia wide, and have the firearm sent to a receiving gun club, gun shop or police station in you location. You must first organise a receiving firearms dealer with a suitable storage facility.  Seek permission to have your purchased firearm received by the firearms dealer, gun shop or gun club. Firearms Dealers and gun shops will usually charge you for safe keeping of your firearms. Your gun club or association may also assist you with storage until your licence is approved.  Once your licence is approved, you can pickup your firearm and take it home.

Don't purchase a firearm in a another state and expect it to be legal to licence in Western Australia.This can be a firearm bought and paid for that is held by a licenced Firearms Dealer or Gun Shop. 


Start Your Online Firearms Licence Application

Have your read the check list? Do you have all the documents that you will need for the application?

The Application for a Firearms Licence is to be completed online at the Firearms Application Online Portal. Select - "Application Form" Remember to print the application for lodgement with your supporting documents at an Australia Post Office that supports the processing of Firearms Licences.

Note: When you complete and print your application form you will only be provided with a two page document that consists of an Application Summary and a list of supporting documents required to be lodged at the Post Office.  During the online application process, your detail will be electronically recorded. The summary document will not show much of this detailed information. Australia Post staff will have access to parts of your application information when the barcode on your application summary is scanned at the Post Office outlet. Your application form will be electronically processed and sent through to Firearms Licensing Services.



  • Do no take firearms to the Australia Post outlet.
  • Do not take photographs of your storage cabinet to the Australia Post outlet
  • You can apply for multiple firearms on the one application form (depending on the type or firearms). Licensing multiple firearms in this way can save on administration fees.
  • You can use the Public Portal to check on the progress of your Firearms Licence Application - Enter the Portal
  • You can check on your Firearms Licence expiry date through the Public Portal Also. Enter the Portal




Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Postal Address: Locked Bag 9, East Perth WA 6892

Firearms Support Telephone: 1300 171 011

Fax: (08) 9454 1522


Information Downloads

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Before you begin (PDF, 406kb)
Application process brochure (PDF, 325kb)
Application checklist (Word, 36kb)
Ability to apply for a number of firearms (Word, 23kb)



Firearms Forms

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